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Who we are
The aim of Diabetic Specialties is to help bring the best in Diabetic science, technology and products to this increasing Asian population.
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Our Vision for DreamRice
We have plans to grow this brand and through using this basic ingredient - rice to innvoate a range of products for the Asian population.
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Our Committment
As GI results are known to fluctuate with minor variations, we will test our rice every two years ...
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Our Shop is located near Novena Square MRT, #03-52, Square 2 Shopping Mall. Right next to Eu Yan Sang.
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DreamRiceTM is a type of parboiled Basmati rice, a type of long grain rice typically grown in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.  The word 'Basmati' means 'the fragrant one' in Sanskrit.
Rice Paddy Although Basmati rice are widely known to have low to medium GI, but we realised not all Basmati rice are equal. In our testing we have discovered a couple of basmati rice with a high GI rating. Therefore, we have created DreamRice which is certified as low GI.


DreamRiceTM is white and elongated to about 80% when cooked. Since it elongate to such a huge degree, the amount of servings per kg/packet is typically more than the other rice variety. (Do check the number of servings per packet on the rice packaging for comparisons or details.)

Parboiled Rice Parboiling is a method of treating rice to ensure it retains more of its nutrients from the husk by pre-boiling it.  The rice are parboiled together with the husk for which then the nutrients from the husk are driven into the rice, making the rice retains more of its nutrients as compared to normal white rice.  You will be able to see the difference by comparing the amount of fiber present in DreamRiceTM to a typical white rice.  Parboiling also makes the rice more resistant to weevils.
An example of a difference in a specific rice between polished and parboiled is highlighted in the book - Human nutrition in the developing world by Michael C. Latham in Chapter 26. In Table 33, it is clearly shown that parboiled rice has much higher levels of Calcium, Iron & Vitamin Bs content as compared to normal white rice for the same rice variety. Quoted - " Even if it is highly milled and polished, the parboiled grain still retains the major part of its thiamine and other B vitamins." This is dued to the special process of parboiling which is also described in the chapter.


DreamRiceTM is a unqiue type of parboiled Basmati which is certified as LOW GI, have HIGHER NUTRITIONAL contents as compared to typical white rice, TASTY and at the same time it has the same texture as white rice. All goodness bundled in together.


Although some varieties of parboiled basmati rice are known to have a low to medium GI not all basmati rice are equal. In fact, during our testing we discovered that some varieties of basmati rice have a high GI rating!


Washing Rice Cooking Method & GI Value
GI value of any food products will differ based on the cooking method. By following the instructions below, the rice cooked will have the required low GI value.
  1. Wash the rice as per normal rice
  2. Add 1.25 cups of water to every cup of rice
  3. Soak the rice for 30 mins prior to cooking in the rice cooker
  4. Turn on the rice cooker and cook as per normal
Storing Tips
Uncooked rice keeps best in a refrigerated or airtight container.
Commitment Our Commitment & Assurance
As GI results are known to fluctuate with minor variations, we will test our rice every two years to ensure it continues to meet the low GI requirements and standards. Our focus on ensuring the continued quality of DreamRiceTM by repeatedly putting our rice through the GI test is unmatched & unprecedented and emphasizes our ‘best for our consumer’ approach.
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